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Advanced planning

Why are so many people choosing to Advance Plan today?


    1. To reduce the emotional stress of survivors (#1 given reason)

    2. To eliminate the surprise of unknown requirements or procedures that may arise

    3. To guard against added complications if traveling at home or abroad

    4. To personalize their funeral or memorial event

    5. To determine and fix cost with a guarantee against inflation

    6. To eliminate emotional purchasing decisions

    7. To meet Medicaid requirements



Frequently Asked Questions


What does Advance Planning involve?

Basically, there are three pieces to the planning process.


1. Recording necessary information about the client(s), names of family members, and the designated person to contact when services are needed.


2. Make selections of the services and merchandise you wish, such as casket, cremation container and urn.  These choices are noted in writing, with each item listed at the current fee or price.  This is the Agreement, stating your wishes and what the funeral home is to provide you in the future.


3. Establish funding that becomes a part of the Agreement with the funeral home.  Funding your services now will guarantee current prices against future inflation and provide a specific source for payment, leaving your remaining assets untouched for survivors.  It also relieves loved ones form dealing with financial matters and making costly decisions during an emotional time.


We are considering a move after retirement in six years.  Should we just wait and make these plans after we move?

Your pre-arranged plan and funding are easily transferable.  Our firm will gladly assist you with a transfer, working with a new funeral home of your choice.  This allows you to make decisions that protect your family now while providing flexibility in the future.


My husband and I travel now that we are retired.  I always worry about something happening to one of us in a foreign country or out of state, especially if English is not a common language.  How could our plans help if one, or both of us, should die while traveling?

We offer a protection plan as part of our comprehensive program. It provides help worldwide if death occurs more than 75 miles from your primary residence, with the following;


    - Locating a mortuary provider to recover the body.

    - Arrangement and handling of required forms.

    - Government and consulate arrangements, documents and fees.

    - Translators to overcome language barriers.

    - Pays the cost of any necessary merchandise and mortuary services.

    - Pays for the cost of transferring you body home or for cremation where the death has occurred based on your pre-planned agreement.



What if my husband and I are going to move into the area and have Advance Planning policies at another funeral home?  Can we change this?

You should be able to transfer any policy that you might have with another funeral home to ours.  It is easy to do.  That way you know that arrangements are close to home and our funeral home can assist you directly without another funeral home’s involvement.

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